Aug 14

More Nikon D850 pictures leaked online: RAW and JPG options, size comparison with the Df

The next Nikon D850 leaked pictures comes from this dpreview forum discussion (direct link to pictures):

Here is the description in case the images get removed:

The NEF options show on the picture were:

  • RAW L (large): 8256 x 5504, 45.4MP
  • RAW M (medium): 6192 x 4128, 26.6MP
  • RAW S (small): 4128 x 2752, 11.4MP

The JPG/TIFF options shown on the second picture were:

  • Large: 8256 x 5504, 45.4MP
  • Medium: 6192 x 4128, 25.6MP
  • Small: 4128 x 2752, 11.4MP

The third picture was a side by side comparison between the D850 and the Df (front view).

The fourth picture was also a side by side comparison between the D850 and the Df (side view) – you could clearly see the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth logos above the mic, headphones and HDMI ports. The AF selector had two visible positions: AF and M. The BKT button was in the usual location under the pentaprism.

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Aug 14

Nikon D850 price rumors

Some retailers have already listed the Nikon D850 camera on their websites with pricing information:

  • 3,499 CHF in Switzerland, or around 3,600 USD
  • 3,599 EUR in Slovenia, or around 4,200 USD (price without tax)
  • 3,499 GBP in the UK (or around $4,600 (VAT is probably included)
  • 23,999 CNY in China, or around 3,600 USD

It is not clear if this is the official pricing from Nikon or just a guess from the store owners. The Swiss listing looks legit because it actually has an “add to cart” button.

Aug 13

Another Nikon D850 picture leaked online

Another picture of the Nikon D850 DSLR camera courtesy of forum member Hel_NiS.

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Aug 13

Weekly Nikon news flash #431

New batch of refurbished Nikon gear at Adorama (the price of the refurbished D800 dropped another $30 to $1,769).

→ A reader found some Nikon 1 bargains at B&H:

Sigma solar eclipse promotion.

Nikon’s tips for capturing the solar eclipse.

Adorama has a new dedicated page for all of the 100 years anniversary items.

→ Up to 100$ off on selected Nikon Monarch binoculars at BuyDig and B&H (get an extra $5 off at BuyDig with promo code “YADIG5“).

More information on the Nikon Fan meetings in Japan.

→ Bill Frakes, a current Nikon Ambassador, leaves the University of Nebraska following sexual harassment charges.

Schedule for the traveling Nikon Photo Contest 2016-2017 Photo Exhibition.

→ Nikon SP rangefinder review.

→ Vincent Munier: special project video.

→ New video from Steve Perry: Nikon’s auto AF fine tune – how to get the most from it.

Aug 12

Nikon D850 specifications recap

I tried to put together all known Nikon D850 specifications into one post – please comment if I have missed something and I will update the list:

  • 45.75MP full frame CMOS sensor
  • New and improved version of SnapBridge
  • No built-in GPS
  • Tiltable LCD (3.2″, 2.36 million dots)
  • Fully functional touchscreen: supports touch AF, touch shutter and touch menu
  • Memory card slots: one SD and one XQD
  • AF system from the D5 (153 points, 130% frame coverage compared to the D810, all AF points @ -3EV,  middle/center crosshair sensor @-4EV)
  • New smaller AF point
  • No built-in flash
  • Back illuminated buttons
  • Joystick selector
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • 8K time-lapse video capabilities
  • 4k UHD video in FX format (with no crop)
  • No EVF or hybrid viewfinder
  • Slo-mo full HD 120fps video
  • The SD slot will support UHS-II
  • Improved LiveView split-screen display
  • Improved silent shooting mode: fully-silent, no-sound electronic shutter in live view (6 fps silent shooting, no mechanical movement, can shoot up to 30fps @ 8MP with the electronic shutter)
  • Improved battery life
  • Lighter than the D810
  • Native ISO range: 64-25,600
  • ISO 64 extendable down to ISO 32 (Lo1 = 32, Hi 2 = 108,400)
  • 7fps without grip, 9fps with grip (MB-D18a battery grip and the EN-EL18a battery)
  • 51 images raw buffer at 14-bit RAW
  • 0.75x optical viewfinder (largest ever on a Nikon FX cameras)
  • 180k RGB meter
  • No AA filter
  • Supports for Nikon wireless transmitter WT-7
  • Built-in focus stacking: up to 300 pictures with up to 10 levels of focusing steps (still need external software)
  • Price will be CNY 23,999 or around $3,600 (source: Chinese forum)
  • Announcement date could be August 16th
  • RAW sizes: small, medium, large
  • New 1:1 mode
  • New natural light AWB

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Aug 11

The Nikon D850 could be announced on August 16th

There is a good chance that the new Nikon D850 DSLR camera will be officially announced on August 16th (±1 day depending on your time zone). This is based on the date listed on the cover of the Chinese presentation slides that leaked earlier today. This could also be the time of the scheduled internal presentation and the actual announcement could be at a later date.

I will try to confirm the exact D850 announcement date in the next few days.

Just a reminder that all of the already existing Nikon events are scheduled after August 16th:

Aug 11

Translation of the leaked Nikon D850 slides

Here is a quick translation of the leaked Nikon D850 slides:

Nikon FX DSLR has 45.75M pixels.  Around 9 fps* and more enhanced features.  Can capture still and sport photos with sharp images.
* When using MB-D18 Multi-Power Battery Pack (it should be a new one) plus battery EN-EL18a.

3.2″ variangle 2.359M pixel touch LCD screen
– Richer touch functions than D5 & D500
– Could do quick cropping using “I” button during playback
Q1330 should mean D850?
2nd Row of the table:
Playback: Full touch screen (scroll, drag, status bar)
Menu: D5/D500: button operations; Q1330: Full touch screen
Liveview: touch AF, touch shutter (only D500); Q1330: touch menu, touch AF, touch shutter
Info: Q1330: button menu (?)

– 45.75M
– 9 fps * MB-D18 + EN-EN18a
– 8K timelapse
– 4K movie
– ISO 64-25600
– 3.2″ 2.36M vari-angle touch screen
– 153 AF system
– 45M quiet shooting mode
– 0.75x OVF magnification
– 180,000 RGB sensor

OVF 0.75x is the largest magnification rate for all existing DSLR in history (OVF 0.75x is the largest magnification rate for all existing Nikon DSLR in history).

Using famous D5 153 AF system
– 130% frame coverage when compared with D810
– incorporated with AF engine
– center 1 point -4EV AF, all other points -3EV

Focus adjusting system could offer you deeply stacked* picture
* require software from other companies
– Camera will continuously take the nearest focus to infinite focus
– Max nomber of photos: 300 photos
– Focus distance interval could be customized (10 steps)
– Shutter release could be customized (0 to 30 sec)
– Continuous shooting around 5 fps
– Suitable for shooting jewelry,  specimen and landscape

45M pixel gives you clear and sharp high definition image, could satisfy big outdoor advertisement which requires 8K resolution
– No low pass filter
– Standard ISO: 64-25600, boost: ISO: 32 to 108,400
– Using Eexpeed 5 (same as D5) processor, high ISO together with good noise reduction engine, could give you high quality of color reproduction
Pictures: demonstration of with and without low pass filter

45M quiet shooting mode, when releasing the shutter, there is no sound and no mechanical vibration (using live view for still image)
– Only using an electronic shutter
– Suitable for museum or opera that require quiet environment, and Astronomical photography, macro photography and architectural photography which are prone to minor mechanical shutter vibration, so that your image would be sharper
– Around 6 fps under this mode (AF/AE fixed)
– Suitable for sports photography which requires quiet environment, e.g. play golf when player is very concentrating and moving the golf clubs
– Quiet mode could be 30 fps with 8MP image (longest duration 3 seconds, DX mode, quality = normal, AF/AE fixed)

9 fps * (with MB-D18 + EN-EL18a) or 7 fps
– Could continuously shoot 51 frames 14 bit non-compressed raw photos at one time

Low light focus -3EV, greater possibility to take photo under dark situation (same as D5)
Using 180,000 RGB sensor same as D5, better face detection and precise auto adjustment using enhanced scene recognition system.

New Natural Light AWB enable you to have better color reproduction under natural light
– Set to Natural Light AWB, the camera would provide you more concise white balance
– Target for red leafs during autumn, sunset or sunrise, will have more saturated color when compared with [auto1] mode
– When shooting outdoor, no need to set white balance to shadow, beautiful images would be captured under sunny day or cloudy day

[Auto] according to the information received via scene recognition, adjust and enhance the image
New: enhance the red color under sunrise / sunset
Enhance the saturation of landscape photo
– Soften portrait photo

Using “spot area AF” to AF on very small area
– The size is 1/2 of “standard area AF”
– Suitable for shooting macro, focusing on a very small object

In the photo:

  • blue square: “standard area AF”
  • red square: “spot area AF”

– Illuminated button for shooting under dark situation (finally!)
– Raw L, M or S for your selection
– Enhanced Multiple exposure flexibilities
– 1:1 photo size (new)
– SD and XQD dual card slots (new)

Using wireless controlled flash, you could achieve effective lighting control outdoor
Support wireless transmitter WT-7.

For dynamic video functions.

Here is a video version of the translated slides:

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