Oct 14

Weekly Nikon news flash #440

→ The 2017 Complete Photography Bundle by 5DayDeal is back: you can get $2,500 worth of photography education for $117 (96% off).

→ New: Nikon D850 Menu and Custom Settings Setup Guide.

→ The current Nikon deals:

Just announced: Nauticam NA-D7500 underwater housing for the Nikon D7500.

The Nikon D850 won the Gold Prize at Digital Camera Grand Prix 2018.

Nikon received the Shokumon Award from the University of Tokyo.

→ DxOMark smartphone ratings explained.

New interview with Nikon on the D850 camera – any translation or recap is appreciated, here is the Google translation.

Oct 12

This is the real “Nikon official D850 lens recommendation list”

Several websites, including dpreview, published a “Nikon official D850 lens recommendation list” which has nothing to do with Nikon’s official recommendation. It seems that the list was made up based on nothing but thin air.

I have already covered here on the blog Thom Hogan’s recommended list of lenses for the D850 and the actual lenses mentioned by Nikon in the D850 brochure but those lists are far from a “Nikon official D850 lens recommendation list”.

After some digging and with the help of a few [NR] readers, I actually found an official list of 40 recommended lenses for the D850 (click for lens price and availability):

Prime Nikkor lenses recommended for the Nikon D850

Zoom Nikkor lenses recommended for the Nikon D850

Micro/PC Nikkor lenses recommended for the Nikon D850

The above list was created on August 24th.

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Oct 12

New Nikon autumn cashback promotion in the UK

Nikon UK launched a new autumn cashback promotion. Check the pricing and availability at Park Cameras, WEX, Jessops and Amazon UK. Here are the details:

Additional information can be found here and here.

Oct 12

Nikon’s patent for split pixel patterns and on-sensor PDAF

Nikon filed a patent in Japan for split pixel patterns and electrical circuit design for cross on-sensor PDAF (the split pixel might be for the green color). The patent describes two read-out circuits, one for PDAF and another for images from the split pixel. Additional information is available here.

Oct 11

Dpreview published their Nikon D850 autofocus test results

Nikon D850 MultiCAM AF sensor module

Dpreview published their Nikon D850 autofocus test results. Their conclusion:

“Appropriately for a highly capable camera, the D850 comes with a highly capable autofocus system. In single-point Single AF and Continuous AF, as well as in its Dynamic area settings, accuracy, hit rate and precision all rank pretty high. However, the D850’s massive resolution shows up some inherent issues in terms of how DSLR autofocus systems work that might prevent you from getting all ‘keepers’ all the time, especially if your lens requires calibration. This shows up most often in wide-aperture work, such as some styles of portraiture, where autofocus precision is of paramount importance.

In terms of subject tracking, we continue to be perplexed by our experiences with 3D Tracking – but we must admit that, during burst shooting, the D850 pulls away handily when compared to its predecessor, the D810, as well as the Canon 5Ds R and Sony a7R II (though the Sony tracks better in Eye AF mode as long as you’re not shooting bursts). However, despite Nikon’s claims of D5 levels of performance, we collectively find the D850 to be somewhat lagging behind that lofty benchmark.”

Related post:

Nikon D850 camera autofocus (AF) coverage

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Oct 10

Nikon mirrorless camera rumors, speculations and predictions


One of the main reasons I have been holding back on reporting rumors about the upcoming Nikon mirrorless camera is the different information I am receiving from sources. I have already discussed this topic several times in the past – I think the reason why we are still getting conflicting information is the fact (or rather the rumor) that Nikon will introduce two mirrorless cameras. Here is a recap of the latest rumors, speculations and predictions (still subject to change):

  • One Nikon DX and one FX mirrorless cameras will be introduced (maybe not at the same time) – see all the FX and DX lens patents that were filed in the last past few years.
  • New mirrorless mount – this is pretty much the consensus based on all the tips I have received.
  • Several new mirrorless lenses will be launched together with the new camera(s).
  • Two different sensor resolutions: 21MP (probably the D500 sensor) and 45MP (probably the D850 sensor). Nikon is still considering to drop the DX version and go full frame only for their mirrorless solution.
  • I already mentioned that Nikon is putting a lot of effort in making a new adapter for Nikon F-mount lenses to work with the new mirrorless mount.
  • Another area where Nikon is putting a lot of effort, research and money is the viewfinder – power consumption, lag, resolution, refresh rate, etc. which are all areas Nikon thinks need serious improvements. I was told that this is where Nikon is expected to be better than the competition and this was one of the main reasons they did not join the mirrorless market earlier (Nikon talked about a professional Nikon mirrorless camera back in 2014). The expectation is that if a DSLR user (OVF) picks up a Nikon mirrorless camera with an EVF, they should not notice any difference and the transitions should be seamless.
  • The official Nikon mirrorless camera announcement is still expected in 2018, I have no other details.

Nikon has mentioned in several interviews in the past that a new larger sensor mirrorless system is a possibility:

Nikon large sensor mirrorless camera is a possibility

Nikon 1 is still alive, larger sensor mirrorless solution is being considered

New interview with Tetsuro Goto from Nikon: “full frame is the trend, if Nikon will go mirrorless it must be full frame”

If you have any details on the upcoming Nikon mirrorless camera, you can contact me anonymously here.

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Oct 09

More exclusive Amazon deals: Nikon D500 lens kit now $350 off

I am not sure how Amazon is getting away with this, but they are again running an exclusive special on several Nikon cameras and lenses:

These unusual Nikon deals at Amazon usually last a day or two.

FYI: the Nikon Coolpix B700 camera does have RAW/NEF support.

New Nikon rebates will be introduced in Germany on October 15th and will include the Nikon D5, D500 (€175 off), 24mm f/1.4 (€150 off), 58mm f/1.4 and others. Check the details on Amazon.de. The rebates will be valid until January 2018.

Oct 09

Weekly Nikon news flash #439

KEH is running a 3-day Nikon sale where you can get 5% off cameras, 10% off lenses, 15% off accessories with coupon code NRUMORS10A (valid: October 9 – 11).

→ The Nikon Manual Viewer app does not run under iOS 11. There is a new app – Nikon Manual Viewer 2. Using the new app requires you to re-download your manuals.

→ Used Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 200-400mm f/4G ED VR II lens (condition: 9) listed for sale for $4,349.95 (regular price: $6,996.95).

→ The new ON1 Photo RAW 2018 public beta is now available for download (more information available here).

→ Winners of the 43rd annual Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition announced.

Nikon products receive the “Good Design Award”.

Nikon celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Eddie Adams Workshop.

→ The latest Nikon-related YouTube videos: