Jul 18

STOP THE JERKS ! With Jerkstopper from Tether Tools.

Tether Tools is excited to announce that JerkStopper line of cable management devices is expanding to take on the important mission of ridding the world of evil jerks! You’ll still be able to get all your JerkStoppers directly from Tether Tools, but now our sister-company has a new site over at JerkStopper.com designed to serve the needs of computer, audio, music and electronics users worldwide.

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Jun 24

Wrap it up! with Domke Equipment wraps

There are times when you just can’t take a camera bag with you, but you don’t want to leave your camera at home. I’ve heard all types of advice for carrying a camera in a non-padded camera case: “wrap it in a t-shirt” or “wrap it in a towel”…or worse…”just put it in the top of you backpack and hope for the best”. No. Thank. You.

The nice folks at Domke have created a solution to this problem. Wraps. Square, padded, Velcro closing wraps that cradle your sensitive camera gear simply and safely when it’s inside your backpack, purse or suitcase.  The come in a variety of sizes for different equipment and a variety of colors so you can know what’s inside without unwrapping your gear. At about 20 bucks each, this is an affordable and practical way to protect your gear in any kind of carrying situation. where to buy

Jun 02

“Selfie” shooters…your wish for “longer arms” has come true! Meet the X-Shot!

So small it fits in your pocket or purse and attaches to any compact digital camera or GoPro type camera. Allows you to photograph and video yourself with a nice background Great for travel, social networking, blogging, hiking and sporting events 

  • Eliminate awkward photos taken at arms length
  • Capture full background and scenery
  • Take a picture anywhere without asking a stranger
  • Take pictures from unique angles
  • With the XShot it looks like someone else took the picture
  • Easy film making for online videos and journals
  • Fun and easy to usewhere to buy
May 28

Introducing FlashQ: The Worlds Smallest Wireless Flash Trigger

Once again crowd sourcing has fueled a new photography product aimed at the mirrorless camera user. The FlashQ is a 2.4ghz wireless transmitter and receiver that not only allows you to use off-camera speed lights but does it in a very stylish manner.

LightPix Labs – FlashQ Wireless Flash Trigger

With a bulk of channels for selection, system can choose a clean channel smartly. At the same time, we can avoid collision with other wireless system in the same frequency band.

FlashQ system can support up to 8 receivers simultaneously, provided that those receivers had been paired up with the transmitter. This gives the scalability of multiple wireless flashes and makes your photography more creative. FlashQ receiver has a sync cord output via function. Port (micro-USB form factor). The sync cord allows connection to the sync port of studio strobes or external flashes. FlashQ supports remote triggering flashes at sync speeds up to 1/250 sec*. The trigger signal is barely on the central contact of standard ISO hot shoe. No TTL information is transmitted by FlashQ. This makes FlashQ compatible with most camera and Flash brands. According to LightPixel Labs the FlashQ is compatible with a wide range of camera systems. But don’t get too excited because as a crowd sourcing product it is not yet available till October 2014 and retail price has not been determined. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

  •  Size: 25 x 25 x 15 mm
  • 2.4GHz low-power digital radio
  • 160 radio channels
  • 20M operating range
  • No TTL, up to 1/250 sync speed*
  • Max. 900us X-sync latency (by FlashQ system)
  • Tolerate Max. 300V port sync voltage (on FlashQ receiver)
  • 3V voltage present on male hot shoe centre pin (on FlashQ transmitter)
  • PC Sync cable (via Func. port) for studio strobes
  • More than 100K fires for a battery life
  • 6 months battery standby time
  • LED indication: Green – operating; Red – triggering; Blue – pairing
  • On compatible cameras and flashes

Check out the LightPix’s web site for more information.

May 28

Charge your batteries in the field with a Goal Zero Solar system

We’ve all been there…wondering how in the heck we’re going to keep up power for our cameras, phones and notebooks while on assignment ( or vacation) in remote areas. Thanks to Goal Zero, battery life won’t be a problem with the Nomad 13 Solar Panel. Keep phones, cameras, even tablets charged with the power of the sun. Use with a Goal Zero Portable Power Pack to charge your gear day or night.

Designed to power all the gear in your kit, the Sherpa 100’s versatile array of ports include two ultra-fast, smart USBs for phones and tablets, a 12V port for lights, an innovative port specifically for laptops, and a detachable AC inverter for DSLR cameras. The Sherpa 100 recharges from the wall, car, or from the sun with the included Goal Zero’s Nomad 20 solar panel.

You’ll collect the most power from the sun on bright, clear days. That being said, solar panels utilize IR, UV, and visible rays from the sun that can penetrate through clouds. Although the efficiency of the solar panel will decrease in cloudy conditions, you’ll still be collecting valuable power from the sun. Also, keeping your solar panel angled toward the sun can dramatically increase efficiency. Set it up and let Mother Nature do the rest.

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May 26

Rid your camera and lenses of dust before it gets on your sensor with the Giottos Rocket Air Blaster

The Giottos Rocket Air Blaster is simply the safest and best way to blow clean, dust-free air to clean lenses, cameras, filters, keyboards or any of the other places where dust resides! Available in four sizes from the large 7.5″ long large rocket with a 2.4″ diameter for a large volume of air to the convenient small Rocket with it’s 2.1″ air bulb. Made from the best quality silicon rubber for long life and instant rebound the blaster will deliver a near continuous stream of clean air! Each rocket has a long thin tip with a uniquely designed opening to eliminate whistling. A one-way valve on the bottom brings in clean air and does not re-distribute the dust! The large Rocket is available in either black or red. where to buy

May 23

Three legged thing reaches new heights with the “Brian” tripod.

The Evolution 2 Brian is the world’s most versatile travel tripod system. Built to withstand loads up 8KG, Brian is powerful beyond his size. With the lowest shooting capability of any travel tripod in the world, Brian extends from just 125mm all the way to 2.04m Brian’s patented multi-functional use makes him the most capable and user-friendly travel tripod ever created. With our new Stealth Carbon Fiber ™, Brian is as tough as he is stylish, as functional as he is capable. The NEW AirHed 1 has had a complete redesign. Now smaller, lighter, fantastic detailing and a load capacity of 35KG. WINNER OF THE INNOVATIVE IMAGING PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2013


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May 21

Create smooth videos with your GoPro and the Stedicam Curve

Small, pocketable, and lightweight, the Steadicam® Curve™ offers complete versatility when your out in the bowl, grinding rails or about to shred some powder down the Alps! The Steadicam® Curve™ gives users of the GoPro® Hero® cameras the opportunity to create very smooth short clips of friends performing their favourite stunts on their skateboard or BMX. If you use your GoPro® camera for lifestyle activities like filming your child at a football game, taking their 1st ride on a bike or taking part in the school sport day. The Steadicam® Curve™ is as versatile as your GoPro® camera and better yet you can slip it back into your jacket pocket when finished with it. 




TwoDownUnder from Martin Boulanger on Vimeo.

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May 14

Manfrotto reinvents the Lightstand-Flash/ Umbrella Holder.


The Manfrotto Snap Tilthead is a versatile tilt head with hot shoe attachment compatible with all branded flashguns, it also incorporates an umbrella socket. A smart counterbalance mechanism prevents the flashgun from dropping along the stand, thus assuring maximum safety to the photographer’s equipment. 
This tilt head introduces an innovative locking system which facilitates the set up to be completed in a matter of seconds. Insert Manfrotto Snap Tilthead on the lighting stand and thanks to the innovative locking mechanism, the safety lock is automatically activated. Next, fix the tilt head by tightening the locking lever. Fixing the flashgun to Manfrotto Snap Tilthead is straightforward and quick, thanks to the smart locking ring. Open the shoes by unscrewing the ring and insert the hot shoe attachment of the flashgun. Lastly, secure the flash by screwing the locking ring.

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May 13

The best Point and Shoot Camera you never heard of, the Pentax MX-1

I wouldn’t consider a camera a “Gizmo”, but a point and shoot camera is something I always carry in my camera bag. There are times when a 65 pound camera bag is neither prudent or welcome to carry, so even the most serious photographer needs a pocket-able camera for those times when size and convenience is a necessity.

I’ve tried lots of them and for the most part, they are all serviceable. They’ll do fine for quick shots intended for Social Media sites and e-mails, but I’m often frustrated when I only have my pocket camera and I see something I want to shoot semi-seriously.

Enter the amazing little Pentax MX-1. If I were to write a a wish list of features I’d want in my pocket camera, this meets that list at about 95%.  If it had an optical viewfinder, it would be just about perfect.You won’t believe the price ( I’ll tell you at the end of the article)

In order of importance to me, the pocket camera feature list is as follows.

1) Image quality- if nothing else, a camera MUST produce sharp images with substantial dynamic range and accurate color. The RAW images out of this camera are stellar for the sensor size ( 1/1.7 inch) , the JPEGS are a little over-processed right in the camera which renders more noise than I prefer.

2) Durability- The camera must be able to survive in a backpack or glove box. I have had so many point and shoot cameras literally start losing casing screws as soon as the temperature changes that it swore me off  the whole style of camera for years. The MX-1 has an amazing build quality, it feels like a $1200 camera.

3) Functionality- I want a camera that allows me to take the type of photo I want. I really don’t care if it’s difficult, just as long as it’s possible. Being a DSLR shooter, having PMAS controls are a must, along with independent control over white balance, ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and Focus. The MX-1 not only has those, but those features are easily accessible (as a bonus)

…and that’s it. That’s all I ask. I don’t care how the camera looks or how it “feels in my hands”. Neither of those things affects the way the photo looks. Convenience is a convenience that I am happy to relinquish if that means I can have creative control over my imaging. In fact, I find that slowing down a bit is advantageous for the creative process. It is my opinion that when a photographer gives in to pure “size and convenience” as the main reason for camera selection, they’ll never realize their full creative potential. That said….there is a time and place for a camera that you can tuck into a coat pocket and the Pentax MX-1 does that job as good as any camera I’ve tested in this class. In the end, it’s always the images that either make my like a camera or dislike it. Here are a few examples.

42ruggs MIXED LIGHT43ruggs MACRO44ruggs DAYLIGHT45ruggs

As you can see, the MX-1 performs well in varied conditions and delivers sharp images with impressive dynamic range. People will be drawn to the classic styling, but it’s the image quality that will make them want to carry this little camera everywhere


Pentax MX-1 key features

  • 12MP backlit CMOS sensor
  • 4x 28-112mm equivalent F1.8-2.5 lens
  • ISO 100-12800
  • 3.0 inch, 920K dot LCD screen
  • JPEG, Raw (DNG), Raw+JPEG capture
  • 1080p 30fps video recording with stereo microphones
  • Rear control dial and EV dial
  • Pentax SLR-like interface

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    Now for the very best part….The Pentax MX-1 retails for only $299.99. which makes it one of the best values in the field. 



May 06

Convert your smartphone into a Polaroid-Style camera!

Many of us mourned the passing of the era of the classic Instant camera. As unpredictable as the image quality was, it was still always fun to walk around a party, snapping images and handing them to your friends to “shake” into existence. With that memory in mind, we’re excited to see that instant photos are finding their way back into our lives with new products from Fuji like the awesome wireless WIFI printer that connects and prints from our cell phones! pic_01feature01_img_01     The SP-1 offers several photo templates, from classic “Polaroid instant” style to modern edition templates to dress up your cell phone images as well as smart adjust technology to enhance the images via the App on your phone prior to printing. You can even add captions and names to the photos. Another great feature is that you can print an exact copy for each person in the photo….no more fighting over that one special photo. The images are 2 x 3 ( credit card sized), easily slipped into a pocket or wallet and will surely be the hit of any social gathering. You can print any photos from your phone at any time. MSRP $199.99 If you’re interested in enjoying this type of photography without using your smart phone, check out the uber-cool Retro styled Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Camera.

pic_01 (1)

This stylish little camera produces the same Instax Mini 2 x 3 inch instant images as the SP-1 but they are produced from within the camera and eject out the side like it’s 1979. With an fixed 60mm autofocus lens, you’ll find this is the perfect instant camera for parties or even serious art. MSRP $199.99


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Mar 06

Cullmann Magnesit Copter Sturdy Mini Tripod.

The MAGNESIT COPTER links both worlds – the worlds of photography and of videography. The MAGNESIT COPTER is therefore fully geared up for the new DSLR cameras with additional video function. With the tripod legs folded in, the sturdy multi-function tripod in combination with the ball head CB2.7 is perfectly suitable as video hand support.

Technicality details
Max height 16 cm
Min height 16 cm
Packed dimension 22 cm
Carrying capacity 1 kg
Weight 250 g



Mar 06

Manfrotto Pocket Camera Support

An always-on support, easy and ready to use in any situation. It fits all compact cameras with the standard tripod attachment screw. Once installed and folded, it almost disappears and the camera can still be stored in its pouch thanks to the ultra-slim and compact design. Anytime you need to hold your camera in a specific position, the three legs with no-slip rubber feet can be independently set on any surface to provide maximum stability and security. The all-metal structure and the strong springs give a steady and safe support.

Mar 06

Professional Grade iPhone/Smart Phone holder for Arca-Swiss type tripod heads from Kirk Enterprise

Now you can attach your iPhone to any quick release mounting system. Allows for vertical or horizontal positioning with a simple rotation of the bracket. The phone clamps snugly in the bracket with out scratching. The bracket is small and lightweight making it perfect for travel.
Crafted of rugged, solid alloy aircraft aluminum.
Anodized to a scratch-resistant, black satin finish.
powder coated colors
NEW stainless steel locking plate
NEW dual-detent rotating clamp