Jul 18

STOP THE JERKS ! With Jerkstopper from Tether Tools.

Tether Tools is excited to announce that JerkStopper line of cable management devices is expanding to take on the important mission of ridding the world of evil jerks! You’ll still be able to get all your JerkStoppers directly from Tether Tools, but now our sister-company has a new site over at JerkStopper.com designed to serve the needs of computer, audio, music and electronics users worldwide.

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Jul 07

Manfrotto offers a new “always-on” tripod solution for your camera.

The POCKET series provides a choice of two sized, always-on supports that are easy and ready-to-use in any situation.

The larger POCKET fits all cameras with interchangeable lens. The smaller POCKET is ultra slim and matches all compact cameras. Once the POCKET is installed and folded, it almost disappears and the camera can still be stored in its pouch thanks to the ultra-slim and compact design

Anytime you need to hold your camera in a specific position, the three legs with non-slip rubber feet can be independently set on any surface to provide maximum stability and security. The all-metal structure and the strong springs give a steady and safe support, offering the perfect reliable and durable ‘always on’ solution.

• Three independent legs for perfect leveling
• Adjustable screw position for universal fitting
• Full metal construction and robust components
• Non-slip, high grip rubber feet
• Reference sign for immediately setting the 120° leg angle

• Ultra Slim and ‘always on’ support
• Easy and fast leveling on uneven surfaces
• Stylish and high quality design
• Ergonomic and easy to use
• Quality construction for a steadfast support

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Jun 23

Steady Video Mount now available for under $100 !

Video Stabilzer - Click Image to Close

The new DLC Stabilizer V7 lets you go where the action is…around
obstacles, up or down stairs, where ever the shot takes you.
Weighing only 2.4 lbs. with all of the counter weights, the DLC
Stabilizer V7 is a well defined means of getting smooth,dramatic shots.

Featuring an all metal design (including the gimbal) with a comfortable soft grip handle that can be used with either the right or left hand. The camera stage has a rubberized platform to help hold the camera securely as well as protect its surface from scratches. The camera mounting position can be adjusted up 4.25”. There are three counter
weights included with the V7, one 0.65 lb and two 0.45 lbs.

These may be used in any combination and the position of
the counterweights can be adjusted up to 2.5”. There is also a
bubble level at the back of the camera stage that is viewable
by the camera operator

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May 26

We might have just discovered the best flash cold shoe EVER!

…in fact, it even says so on the packaging. The frio™ connects your hotshoe flash quickly to your tripod, lightstand, rig and grip gear. Once safely on, your gear is secure thanks to patent-pending DualLock™ security, but can be removed in an instant. And the Frio is a TRUE cold shoe…no metal will ever touch your flash contacts causing accidental flash discharges while mounting the flash to the shoe.
frio v2 coldshoe

Key Features:

    • The frio™ is the world’s best coldshoe. And it’s blue.

    • Mount anything with a hotshoe; your flash, light panel or hotshoe mic to any tripod and all lightstands!

    • Features DualThread™ – both standard 1/4-20 tripod and 3/8″ lightstand threads

    • Safe and secure SlipNClick™ technology so your shoot will never fall apart.

    • Universal locking pin cavity so your flash’s lock works too.

    • Compact and lightweight to easily fit in your camera bag!

    • Don’t trust your expensive flash, monitor, light, microphone and more on anything else!

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May 23

Three legged thing reaches new heights with the “Brian” tripod.

The Evolution 2 Brian is the world’s most versatile travel tripod system. Built to withstand loads up 8KG, Brian is powerful beyond his size. With the lowest shooting capability of any travel tripod in the world, Brian extends from just 125mm all the way to 2.04m Brian’s patented multi-functional use makes him the most capable and user-friendly travel tripod ever created. With our new Stealth Carbon Fiber ™, Brian is as tough as he is stylish, as functional as he is capable. The NEW AirHed 1 has had a complete redesign. Now smaller, lighter, fantastic detailing and a load capacity of 35KG. WINNER OF THE INNOVATIVE IMAGING PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2013


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May 21

Create smooth videos with your GoPro and the Stedicam Curve

Small, pocketable, and lightweight, the Steadicam® Curve™ offers complete versatility when your out in the bowl, grinding rails or about to shred some powder down the Alps! The Steadicam® Curve™ gives users of the GoPro® Hero® cameras the opportunity to create very smooth short clips of friends performing their favourite stunts on their skateboard or BMX. If you use your GoPro® camera for lifestyle activities like filming your child at a football game, taking their 1st ride on a bike or taking part in the school sport day. The Steadicam® Curve™ is as versatile as your GoPro® camera and better yet you can slip it back into your jacket pocket when finished with it. 




TwoDownUnder from Martin Boulanger on Vimeo.

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May 20

Novoflex iPhone kit makes high quality content from your phone possible.

Have you seen the new Bentley Commercial? It was ( amazingly) shot entirely on the iPhone 5 and edited on an iPad. With the advancement of features of the iPhone, more people are looking to use this incredible technlogy to record photos and videos. To make the process better, Novoflex has created a phone-holding kit to allow you to shoot like a pro in nearly every situation. Made in Germany, the quality of this kit will stand up to years of use in the field. It’ll

The Kit includes a small Tripod with Ball Head, ball head, Phone holder to attach to any tripod, a suction cup mount, and a great carrying case. With all this gear, you can mount your smart phone nearly anywhere for steady shots!

8609: Novoflex announces Novoflex Phone-Kit

Oh…and here’s that Bentley Commercial



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May 20

Berlebach offers Natural Ash wooden monopods.


Question; What’s most vibration resistant material you can use for a Monopod. Carbon Fiber? Aluminum? Nope….it’s actually a more natural material…Ash Wood. These solid wood monopods from Berlebach are strong, tall, light weight and extremely vibration resistant. Less than half the cost of carbon, these monopods are a great value too. Best of all, they have a built- in tilt head to make this monopod very versatile.

They come in two styles, the model 112 and 113.

The 112 is The Model 113 is a three section also available in natural ash color or woodland camo paint.

113 Untitled-1
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May 19

Have a ball with BallPod!

Here’s a new concept in camera supports…..small enough to fit into your camera bag, big enough to hold your small camera steady for that perfect shot. With the BallPod and your self timer, you can even get into the shot yourself! 

ball pod

BallPod ® is an innovative tripod for cameras, video cameras,smartphones and even digital recorders. BallPod ® not only looks better than traditional tripods, but is also versatile and incredibly practical Perfect for amateur photographers, and even pros! Just screw it into the tripod socket of your small device and sit it on almost any surface. Shape it an mold it to fit the shape of the surface .  

Just set ´n´ shoot!

BallPod® compensates any challenging ground. Whether it is rocky, wet, soft, or with a slope… simply set your BallPod® in the desired position and shoot the photo!  With BallPod®, you avoid camera shake for sure.

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May 14

Manfrotto reinvents the Lightstand-Flash/ Umbrella Holder.


The Manfrotto Snap Tilthead is a versatile tilt head with hot shoe attachment compatible with all branded flashguns, it also incorporates an umbrella socket. A smart counterbalance mechanism prevents the flashgun from dropping along the stand, thus assuring maximum safety to the photographer’s equipment. 
This tilt head introduces an innovative locking system which facilitates the set up to be completed in a matter of seconds. Insert Manfrotto Snap Tilthead on the lighting stand and thanks to the innovative locking mechanism, the safety lock is automatically activated. Next, fix the tilt head by tightening the locking lever. Fixing the flashgun to Manfrotto Snap Tilthead is straightforward and quick, thanks to the smart locking ring. Open the shoes by unscrewing the ring and insert the hot shoe attachment of the flashgun. Lastly, secure the flash by screwing the locking ring.

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May 09

MeFoto adds a cool new Gizmo to the lineup

Introducing the SideKick360 – a smartphone adapter that provides mobile photographers and filmmakers with solid camera support and precision control. Indispensable for creating sharp photos, videos, time lapse and long exposures. The 360° rotating ball joint allows for quick re-positioning from vertical for photos to horizontal for video and anywhere in between. Fits any Arca-Swill stlye tripod or ball mount.

And now…MeFoto is offering a 50% Rebate with the purchase of any Mefoto tripod!

360 sidekick360_12off_right

After purchasing this product, receive your online rebate by
visiting www.rapid-rebates.com/macgroup. All you have to do
is fill in your required information along with a picture or scan
of your bill of sale dated within the range of this rebate, effective
from May 1 to June 30, 2014. You will receive a pre-paid
VISA card in the amount of the offered rebate.

All rebates must be entered by July 15, 2014. USA Only

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Sep 14

New Colorful Tripods from Benro


Tripods with Personality…now from MeFoto. The Metallic Travel Tripod Kits feature an exceptional combination of materials, construction and features – plus a
splash of Color!
Only 12.6″ when folded yet 51.2″ extended, the Travel Tripod weighs 2.6lbs. and can support up to 8.8lbs. Aluminum alloy is utilized extensively to take advantage of cast, forged and CNC machining techniques, all accentuated by an elegant series of robust surface treatments and a choice of five Metallic color accents.
Seriously stylish compact support for the latest generation of lightweight cameras and compact
camera systems.

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Mar 24

Benro Travel Angel Transfunctional Tripods

The photographers here at PhotoGizmos are always on the lookout for the best photo gear to use in the field and the studio, so to find out what is the best we often put our gear through some very tough, real world situations to see just how well it fares. The PhotoGizmos team has put this particular tripod series from Benro through the most challenging tests including a 10 day trek through Death Valley. In one instance, I had to actually disassemble my 2691 TA to use the legs as ladder rungs to stand on to rescue myself off a 500 foot cliff after the ledge I was standing on crumbled away beneath my feet. I am certain that the 8 layer carbon fiber was key to being able to hold my weight as I wedged the legs into the rocks to stand on as I climbed down 200 feet to a lower ledge. I still use that tripod every day.To say these tripods are tough is an understatement. Of course, I wouldn’t try that at home…I may have just been really lucky.

This tripod is feature rich, including a  reversible center column which allowed me to shoot some nice macro shots at the salt flats, 288 feet below sea level while I was at Death Valley.









The nice folks at Benro just sent us a video featuring this series of travel tripods to share with you.
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Mar 06

Cullmann Magnesit Copter Sturdy Mini Tripod.

The MAGNESIT COPTER links both worlds – the worlds of photography and of videography. The MAGNESIT COPTER is therefore fully geared up for the new DSLR cameras with additional video function. With the tripod legs folded in, the sturdy multi-function tripod in combination with the ball head CB2.7 is perfectly suitable as video hand support.

Technicality details
Max height 16 cm
Min height 16 cm
Packed dimension 22 cm
Carrying capacity 1 kg
Weight 250 g