Jun 02

“Selfie” shooters…your wish for “longer arms” has come true! Meet the X-Shot!

So small it fits in your pocket or purse and attaches to any compact digital camera or GoPro type camera. Allows you to photograph and video yourself with a nice background Great for travel, social networking, blogging, hiking and sporting events 

  • Eliminate awkward photos taken at arms length
  • Capture full background and scenery
  • Take a picture anywhere without asking a stranger
  • Take pictures from unique angles
  • With the XShot it looks like someone else took the picture
  • Easy film making for online videos and journals
  • Fun and easy to usewhere to buy
Jun 02

Capture Studio Quality dialogue with your smartphone using the Rode Smartlav

The smartLav is a professional-grade wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of film, television and broadcast scenarios, or wherever professional quality audio is required in a discreet, portable format without the complication and expense of additional wireless equipment.


With the smartLav the user simply mounts the microphone on the talent, connects it to a smartphone or tablet headset jack and records via the RØDE Rec app for iOS, or any other audio app of their choice.By employing a high quality omni-directional condenser capsule the smartLav picks up sound equally from all around the microphone, allowing for versatility when mounting and ensuring a high degree of user-friendly operation.A foam pop shield is supplied to minimise wind noise and vocal plosives (hard ‘b’, ‘t’ and ‘p’ sounds), as well as a durable mounting clip with in-built cable management.


The smartLav is compatible with any audio app that accepts input from the headset connection, however it has been designed to pair perfectly with RØDE’s RØDE Rec app for Apple iOS devices. RØDE Rec turns the user’s iOS device into a fully-featured field recorder, with a wide range of equalisation presets to suit various recording situations, in addition to professional editing functions and the ability to publish to SoundCloud and Dropbox direct from the app.

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May 28

Introducing FlashQ: The Worlds Smallest Wireless Flash Trigger

Once again crowd sourcing has fueled a new photography product aimed at the mirrorless camera user. The FlashQ is a 2.4ghz wireless transmitter and receiver that not only allows you to use off-camera speed lights but does it in a very stylish manner.

LightPix Labs – FlashQ Wireless Flash Trigger

With a bulk of channels for selection, system can choose a clean channel smartly. At the same time, we can avoid collision with other wireless system in the same frequency band.

FlashQ system can support up to 8 receivers simultaneously, provided that those receivers had been paired up with the transmitter. This gives the scalability of multiple wireless flashes and makes your photography more creative. FlashQ receiver has a sync cord output via function. Port (micro-USB form factor). The sync cord allows connection to the sync port of studio strobes or external flashes. FlashQ supports remote triggering flashes at sync speeds up to 1/250 sec*. The trigger signal is barely on the central contact of standard ISO hot shoe. No TTL information is transmitted by FlashQ. This makes FlashQ compatible with most camera and Flash brands. According to LightPixel Labs the FlashQ is compatible with a wide range of camera systems. But don’t get too excited because as a crowd sourcing product it is not yet available till October 2014 and retail price has not been determined. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

  •  Size: 25 x 25 x 15 mm
  • 2.4GHz low-power digital radio
  • 160 radio channels
  • 20M operating range
  • No TTL, up to 1/250 sync speed*
  • Max. 900us X-sync latency (by FlashQ system)
  • Tolerate Max. 300V port sync voltage (on FlashQ receiver)
  • 3V voltage present on male hot shoe centre pin (on FlashQ transmitter)
  • PC Sync cable (via Func. port) for studio strobes
  • More than 100K fires for a battery life
  • 6 months battery standby time
  • LED indication: Green – operating; Red – triggering; Blue – pairing
  • On compatible cameras and flashes

Check out the LightPix’s web site for more information.

May 28

Charge your batteries in the field with a Goal Zero Solar system

We’ve all been there…wondering how in the heck we’re going to keep up power for our cameras, phones and notebooks while on assignment ( or vacation) in remote areas. Thanks to Goal Zero, battery life won’t be a problem with the Nomad 13 Solar Panel. Keep phones, cameras, even tablets charged with the power of the sun. Use with a Goal Zero Portable Power Pack to charge your gear day or night.

Designed to power all the gear in your kit, the Sherpa 100’s versatile array of ports include two ultra-fast, smart USBs for phones and tablets, a 12V port for lights, an innovative port specifically for laptops, and a detachable AC inverter for DSLR cameras. The Sherpa 100 recharges from the wall, car, or from the sun with the included Goal Zero’s Nomad 20 solar panel.

You’ll collect the most power from the sun on bright, clear days. That being said, solar panels utilize IR, UV, and visible rays from the sun that can penetrate through clouds. Although the efficiency of the solar panel will decrease in cloudy conditions, you’ll still be collecting valuable power from the sun. Also, keeping your solar panel angled toward the sun can dramatically increase efficiency. Set it up and let Mother Nature do the rest.

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May 27

Breaking News: Leica T arrives in stores.

The brand new Leica T-System delivers an impressive camera platform, plus several technical accessories to enhance the sheer joy of photography. This is a camera for photographers with the highest standards.With a system small enough to fit in your pocket, and you undertake serious photography an expand your creative horizons! These new and creative accessories follow the same principles as the Leica T – a reduction to the essentials. They have eliminated the extras and simply concentrate on pure imaging essentials so you can focus on capturing the perfect picture.

Art, Engineering and Craftsmanship…The values that have always been associated with the Leica name for more than a century.

The Body alone retails for $1850 , pair it with the Summicron-T 23mm f2 ASPH for an additional $1950

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Dr. Andreas Kaufmann: About the Essence from Leica Camera on Vimeo.

May 26

We might have just discovered the best flash cold shoe EVER!

…in fact, it even says so on the packaging. The frio™ connects your hotshoe flash quickly to your tripod, lightstand, rig and grip gear. Once safely on, your gear is secure thanks to patent-pending DualLock™ security, but can be removed in an instant. And the Frio is a TRUE cold shoe…no metal will ever touch your flash contacts causing accidental flash discharges while mounting the flash to the shoe.
frio v2 coldshoe

Key Features:

    • The frio™ is the world’s best coldshoe. And it’s blue.

    • Mount anything with a hotshoe; your flash, light panel or hotshoe mic to any tripod and all lightstands!

    • Features DualThread™ – both standard 1/4-20 tripod and 3/8″ lightstand threads

    • Safe and secure SlipNClick™ technology so your shoot will never fall apart.

    • Universal locking pin cavity so your flash’s lock works too.

    • Compact and lightweight to easily fit in your camera bag!

    • Don’t trust your expensive flash, monitor, light, microphone and more on anything else!

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May 26

Rid your camera and lenses of dust before it gets on your sensor with the Giottos Rocket Air Blaster

The Giottos Rocket Air Blaster is simply the safest and best way to blow clean, dust-free air to clean lenses, cameras, filters, keyboards or any of the other places where dust resides! Available in four sizes from the large 7.5″ long large rocket with a 2.4″ diameter for a large volume of air to the convenient small Rocket with it’s 2.1″ air bulb. Made from the best quality silicon rubber for long life and instant rebound the blaster will deliver a near continuous stream of clean air! Each rocket has a long thin tip with a uniquely designed opening to eliminate whistling. A one-way valve on the bottom brings in clean air and does not re-distribute the dust! The large Rocket is available in either black or red. where to buy

May 23

Three legged thing reaches new heights with the “Brian” tripod.

The Evolution 2 Brian is the world’s most versatile travel tripod system. Built to withstand loads up 8KG, Brian is powerful beyond his size. With the lowest shooting capability of any travel tripod in the world, Brian extends from just 125mm all the way to 2.04m Brian’s patented multi-functional use makes him the most capable and user-friendly travel tripod ever created. With our new Stealth Carbon Fiber ™, Brian is as tough as he is stylish, as functional as he is capable. The NEW AirHed 1 has had a complete redesign. Now smaller, lighter, fantastic detailing and a load capacity of 35KG. WINNER OF THE INNOVATIVE IMAGING PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2013


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May 21

Create smooth videos with your GoPro and the Stedicam Curve

Small, pocketable, and lightweight, the Steadicam® Curve™ offers complete versatility when your out in the bowl, grinding rails or about to shred some powder down the Alps! The Steadicam® Curve™ gives users of the GoPro® Hero® cameras the opportunity to create very smooth short clips of friends performing their favourite stunts on their skateboard or BMX. If you use your GoPro® camera for lifestyle activities like filming your child at a football game, taking their 1st ride on a bike or taking part in the school sport day. The Steadicam® Curve™ is as versatile as your GoPro® camera and better yet you can slip it back into your jacket pocket when finished with it. 




TwoDownUnder from Martin Boulanger on Vimeo.

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May 21

Nikon’s new AN-SCM chest strap turns your AW-120 into an action-cam

This cool new accessory for your AW-120  is a chest strap designed to hold the camera in place when using it in action. It gives the user a chance to use the camera’s HD video feature hands-free while they are doing sports and other activities. Like the camera, the strap is waterproof so it’s suited for snorkeling, skiing, or even white water rafting.

To get great action footage, simply start the video recording on your camera and attach it to the chest strap. Unlike head mounts for small ( think gopro) type camera, the torso of your body is much less shaky, making more of the video useful when editing. For extra fun, strap this onto your toddlers and let them run around while recording…you’ll enjoy watching the world from their point of view.


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May 20

Novoflex iPhone kit makes high quality content from your phone possible.

Have you seen the new Bentley Commercial? It was ( amazingly) shot entirely on the iPhone 5 and edited on an iPad. With the advancement of features of the iPhone, more people are looking to use this incredible technlogy to record photos and videos. To make the process better, Novoflex has created a phone-holding kit to allow you to shoot like a pro in nearly every situation. Made in Germany, the quality of this kit will stand up to years of use in the field. It’ll

The Kit includes a small Tripod with Ball Head, ball head, Phone holder to attach to any tripod, a suction cup mount, and a great carrying case. With all this gear, you can mount your smart phone nearly anywhere for steady shots!

8609: Novoflex announces Novoflex Phone-Kit

Oh…and here’s that Bentley Commercial



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May 20

Berlebach offers Natural Ash wooden monopods.


Question; What’s most vibration resistant material you can use for a Monopod. Carbon Fiber? Aluminum? Nope….it’s actually a more natural material…Ash Wood. These solid wood monopods from Berlebach are strong, tall, light weight and extremely vibration resistant. Less than half the cost of carbon, these monopods are a great value too. Best of all, they have a built- in tilt head to make this monopod very versatile.

They come in two styles, the model 112 and 113.

The 112 is The Model 113 is a three section also available in natural ash color or woodland camo paint.

113 Untitled-1
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May 19

Have a ball with BallPod!

Here’s a new concept in camera supports…..small enough to fit into your camera bag, big enough to hold your small camera steady for that perfect shot. With the BallPod and your self timer, you can even get into the shot yourself! 

ball pod

BallPod ® is an innovative tripod for cameras, video cameras,smartphones and even digital recorders. BallPod ® not only looks better than traditional tripods, but is also versatile and incredibly practical Perfect for amateur photographers, and even pros! Just screw it into the tripod socket of your small device and sit it on almost any surface. Shape it an mold it to fit the shape of the surface .  

Just set ´n´ shoot!

BallPod® compensates any challenging ground. Whether it is rocky, wet, soft, or with a slope… simply set your BallPod® in the desired position and shoot the photo!  With BallPod®, you avoid camera shake for sure.

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May 19

Hahnel goes Extreme with Li-ION bateries.

Setting a new quality standard in portable power, the hähnel Extreme li-Ion batteries deliver additional capacity, extra performance,supreme durability & ultimate reliability.

We have pushed the boundries with these new batteries & firmly believe that the are the very best quality that money can buy.

Each battery is injected with silicone giving them a very tough, shock absorbing construction with  superior circuit protection & additional electrical insulation.

We have carefully selected the best UL* approved cells to ensure an extended life cycle, performance & safety.  The hähnel Extreme li-ion batteries are built to withstand the tough environments professional & semi- professional photographers face when used in extreme field conditions.

Using the HLX-E6 as an example, recent tests showed that the hähnel battery produced an additional 24% more shots than the original LP-E6!  Hähnel Extreme li-ion batteries not only match the originals but surpass them in performance, durability AND quality.

We’ve tested these batteries in every camera and they work perfectly, and we’ve tested them in the field to -25 below Zero and they delivered power even at those extreme conditions.
Available in 4 styles, Canon LP-E6, LP-E8, and Nikon EN-EL14 and EN-EL15

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May 18

Stellar ring light makes stunning portraits easy

Stellar Lighting CT-R-FLO18 Replacement Lamp For 18 inch RingLight

If you’ve ever photographed macro shots, your’e probably familiar with the unique qualities of a ring light. The softness and even coverage of the lights make for sharp clear and well-lit small shots.Stellar is now offering jumbo-sized ring lights ( 12 and 18 inches) that make really easy, really beautiful portraits, too. Simply shoot through the ring with your DSLR and presto! the light falling on the subject has an almost magical effect. The catch-lights in the eyes make a certain sparkle that some people like and others don’t care as much for, ( but a few moments with photoshop fixes that)

The technique I have found to really make this light effective is to start  with ISO 400, Aperture priority and f4. Move the light closer and farther until the light looks perfect for our subject’s face, focus on the eyes and snap away. Instant beauty and glamour.

This stellar light mounts on a tripod center column or a light stand ( my preference) and includes two bulbs,  5,500 and 3,200 Kelvin so you can match ambient light. Simply set it up and start snapping like a pro!

This incredible light retails for only $249.99

48ruggs 49ruggs

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