Feb 21

Introducing: Rogue Soft Panels for Flash Benders

This just in from Expoimaging Inc. A new soft panel for the front of your Flash Bender
Check back soon for our test and review of this flash modification System

Beautiful Soft Light Control that Packs Flat

Ideally suited for location photographers using speed lights, Rogue FlashBender Diffusion Attachments provide additional light control for users of the Rogue FlashBender Reflectors.

The innovative Diffusion Panel design produces an even light across its surface that softens light bounced off a Rogue FlashBender Reflector (sold separately).

Feb 20

Introducing: Carry Speed Camera Strap System



COMING SOON; Our review of the new Carry Speed Camera Strap System

This is the first camera strap system to employ an offset attachment design

which allows the shooter to mount the camera directly to any tripod without

removing the strap, AND it lays flat against your hip when it’s in the lowered
(hanging) position. We’ll put this strap thru the paces and post our

thoughts here for your review.

The Specs:

Original Offset Hanging DesignTripod Mount Ready Design

Detachable Shoulder Pad
3 button quick release buckle
Better distribution of load (distributed via a plate rather than a knob)
FREE Uni-Strap / Hand Strap included
Extra Wide Shoulder pad

Package Includes:

CS-PRO Sling Strap x 1 (Include the connector)
Speed Mounting Plate x 1
Ball Head Locknut x 1
Uni-Strap/Hand Strap
Feb 17

Hot Shoe Protector with Built-in Bubble

I don’t know about you, but I love to shoot low to the ground.   My problem with that is generally I end up having to crop the photo to get my horizon level again.  My camera has a built in level on the screen, but in many cases, I’m holding the camera so low that I can’t see the screen, which makes the built in level useless.

Enter the best accessory that I’ve seen in a while.  It’s a rubberized Hot Shoe Protector with a Built-in Level!   It fits right onto the Hot Shoe, protecting it from the elements and has a bubble level built in.  The best part?   It’s only $9.95.

Feb 17

Tripod for the iPhone 4

I know what you are thinking… “What? Not ANOTHER Tripod for the most popular smartphone on the market!”

But hear me out, this is a bit different. For one thing, it’s not $40, it’s not even $20, it’s only $9.95.

Two, it’s portable and the tripod legs are honestly optional. The best part is that the iPhone mount will attach to most every tripod head that’s out there, as long it has a 1/4″ threaded mount. It’s small and very portable, and it will hold the iPhone 4 horizontally for shooting pictures, or hold it vertically for doing things like FaceTime.